Bulrushes Cafe/Caney Creek Catering

Who We Are

Our History

Over the past five years, Caney Creek has experienced positive growth with our food trucks and catering business.  Having formed strong partnerships with local businesses – breweries, wineries, farms sourcing organic beef and vegetables – Caney Creek has strived to create unique fare reflecting the value and traditions of Southern Maryland. Though Covid-19 has hit the food industry hard – with much prayer and support from our community, a desire to continue to build on the established relationships and start new ones, and bringing hospitality to the forefront, we have ventured into a brick and mortar.

We Proudly Present

Bulrushes Cafe

The Café, located in central Prince Frederick, will be open for breakfast and lunch Tuesday through Sunday from 7 am to 2 pm.  Breakfast will be served all day on the weekends, and until 11 during the week. A varied line of sweets and savory scones along with a robust coffee will help start your day. Breakfast items will range from home-made biscuits topped with sausage gravy or cream chipped beef to shrimp & grits!  Lunch items will feature items like handcrafted sandwiches, soup-of-the-day and locally sourced organic beef.

In addition to the café hours, Bulrushes will open the space to rent after hours for events such as birthdays, baby showers and retirement parties.  The space allows for 75 guests, 35 during Covid-19 restrictions.  A full-size screen, projector and state of the art sound system is available for use. The French double doors allow for privacy in the main dining area. Catering can also be provided if needed.

It is the desire of Caney Creek to continue to give back to the community from the café just as the catering and food truck business has done over the past five years. We have created a space in the front of the café for local artisans to showcase their talents, many items for sale to our customers.  Inside the dining area, framed art – from water colors to photography will also be displayed and available for purchase. 

Having been partnered with Loaves of Bread ministry to feed the homeless for the past several years, we have reached out to partner with New Life’s ministry Helping Hands Kids to enable our customers to also share in serving the needy in the Calvert community.  Currently, we are over hauling a bus to deliver freshly prepared meals into the community.

If you have an idea, suggestion on a menu item, want to show case your art or would like to partner with us to continue to build the great Calvert community we call home, please let us know! 

We are truly excited to continue our growth in the place we have called home for over forty years –



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